After completing our simple signup process, you’ll be given a dial-in phone number and two access ID codes (one for moderator, the other for all participants). Please make a note of them, as you will use these ID codes whenever you use the service. Here’s how it works:

  • Notify, via email or other means, all participants in the conference call of the dial in number and conference ID
  • At the agreed time, all participants call the dial-in number and enter the conference ID when prompted
  • NOTE: As a moderator, you enter the conference ID, #. Then * (star), and your moderator ID , to gain access to additional features. There can only be one moderator per call.
  • Initially the system will be in conversation mode (all participants can speak freely)
  • From this point participants, and the moderator, can manage the call using Feature Keys
  • Participants/Moderators with Web Control can access their recordings via the online dashboard. The files will appear shortly after a conference call has terminated. Simply right click the file icon to download.