To begin using Q&A Mode, the moderator should click the Mute all icon at the top of the conference window. Then selectively un-mute the moderator, and (optionally) the chosen speaker.


  1. Moderator will typically initially mute all callers by clicking the mute icon
  2. This caller is the moderator
  3. This caller is un-muted (guest speaker)
  4. This caller is actively speaking, asking a question. The moderator can click the green mute button when they are done, to mute the caller again.
  5. These callers have indicated they wish to ask a question, and are waiting for the moderator to click on the hand icon so they may be un-muted and ask their question.

To raise their hand for a question, a participant must press *5. The system will confirm the request.

The system will display which caller(s) have raised their hands in the Data column. Questioners are listed with the first raised hand at the top to keep things organized.

The moderator clicks on the raised hand for the user to un-mute them so they may ask their question.

When done, the moderator can click the same icon again, or click the mute bar to mute the participant.