NCC offers another way for users to listen to conference recordings: The Conference Playback Line.

You may also listen to your most recent conference recording by calling a service number we’ve established for this purpose. Dial 712.432.3903 and follow the prompts. You will need to know your conference access code. This is a great way to let your participants listen to the most recent conference by pressing 0# when prompted for the recording ID number.

If you provide users with the RECORDING ID number, they can access that particular recording through the same system. This saves you from managing audio files for users who want to catch up on a call. To find the Recording ID number, find instructions here.

Playback Line: 712.432.3903

Enter the conference id and then follow the instructions.

For most recent recording 0#
Restart the recording *1
Rewind 2 minutes *4
Fast Forward 2 minutes *6
End playback *5