6 Great Ideas for Joining a Conference Call Away from the Office

conference-call-public-space-2-cropIt’s a common scenario: You’re in an airport, or a coffee shop, and realize it’s time for your weekly sales team conference call. You’ve got the info you need to dial in and join a conference call, so that’s no problem. But should you really just plug in and start a call in the middle of the airport? The coffee shop? Might there be a better way?

In order to have a productive, courteous call, it’s important that you minimize background noise and distractions. Never underestimate the ability of your ear buds or headphones to pick up background noise at your location, making it difficult (and annoying) for your fellow callers to pick out your voice against flight announcements and baristas calling out triple foam vanilla lattes for customers. Best to try one of these places, instead:

  1. Back corner of a quiet restaurant (but beware if you’re getting close to a busy period that might flood it with noise during your call)
  2. Book stores often have reading benches or a kids area that can work great during the week.
  3. Many business parks or large office buildings have outdoor plazas or quiet spaces if you look for them. Best to avoid fountains, though.
  4. Most downtown parks are surprisingly quiet during morning and mid afternoon hours on weekdays (but avoid the kids play area).
  5. Ball fields are easy to find on your Google Maps app, and are typically all but deserted during weekdays. They offer great open spaces to wander and let ideas come to you, or seats in the shade.
  6. Don’t forget the refuge your very own car can offer, if:
    You’re parked in the shade (think you have a hard time staying awake during calls? Try that in your sun-warmed car);
    Pull over to a rest area, instead of driving while on the call;
    But NOT in the restroom.


Hopefully some of these ideas will make your next “in the wild” conference call a productive success, with some new scenery.