Conference Calling as Part of Green Strategy

green-your-bizEven if you’re organization isn’t yet committed to the B Corporation status, there’s no doubt that greening your operation has multiple benefits: Reducing overall cost and environmental impact, increasing sustainability, increasing consumer recognition, augmenting marketing reach, the list goes on.

One very simple way to save money and green your operation is to encourage and even standardize the use of conference calls. Why get on a plane, or drive across town, when you can sit face to face, or at least ear to ear with the group with whom you’re trying to meet? You’ll save time, money, effort and aggravation. Environmentally conscious people are working hard to minimize their impact on the planet, going so far as to give up air travel by hitch hiking on boats instead. Replacing in-person meetings with conference calls seems like low-hanging fruit; a no-brainer.

In particular if:

  • You have commonly scheduled conference calls with the same group, and you already know each other
  • You have established a meeting that takes place a long way for more than half of you to travel
  • The meeting schedule would otherwise dictate one or more people being stuck in traffic
  • The meeting is at least partly open to the public

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