Conference Calling via Skype

skype-group-callingIf you have Skype installed on your computer, and have an active account, you can set up a Skype conference call (Group Call). This will allow you to be the hub for a group of up to 24 other people. Adding people who already have Skype is free. To add people who aren’t on Skype, call them on their mobile or landline with Skype Credit or a subscription. Note that the calls all originate from your account, so any charges (for example, Skype to land line) will be applied to your account. If this is not your desire, consider Free Conference Calling Standard from NCC, which can be used via Skype or any other kind of phone.

Here are the basic steps:

Skype Audio Conference Call For Mac
In Skype, from the menu bar, click File > New Conversation…. Click the Add button and then select the contacts you wish to add to the group call. To find the contacts easily, start typing their name into the Add people box. Repeat this for each of the contacts you wish to add to the group call, and then click Add. After your group is assembled, click the Call button.
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Skype Video Group Calling for Mac

Skype Audio Conference Call For Windows/PC
In Skype, click Contacts, then click Create New Group…. and follow the steps to name and save your new group. Click the Add button to add people to the group, or drag and drop your contacts into the group. (If you use the Add button, your contact list will load; place a tick in the box for each person you wish to add, then click Add to Group. If you’re dragging and dropping contacts from either your Contacts or Recent list, simply drag and drop the ones you want into the group.) You can add up to 24 contacts. Click the Call button. The screen changes color, a call bar appears near the bottom of the screen and you’ll hear ringing until the other people answer.
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Skype Video Group Calling for Windows/PC

Group audio calls are limited to 25 people, total. If you need room for more callers, consider Free Conference Calling Standard or Web Control.
Group video calls are limited to nine users total, but unless you have a super hot-rod computer with lots of processing power, it’s best to limit to five.

In either case, the computer or device that’s hosting the Skype group call needs to have enough processing power and network bandwidth for the call. Having a large number of people on the call can sometimes put too much strain on the host device and cause call quality problems. To improve group call quality, make sure the host has a strong network and powerful processor, or reduce the number of people on the call.