Setting Up a Meaningful Corporate Earnings Call


Keeping investors informed on a quarterly basis.

For CFOs and other company managers, earnings calls are a necessary evil. But they don’t have to be the bland, scripted reading of the latest numbers. There’s a better way. And better technology to do it.

Set up Free Conference Calling standard, and you’ll have a dial-in number and conference ID you can share with your team and investors, and use the same one quarter after quarter. The service is free, and you can take over 500 callers at a time.

How to Stop the Boredom

corporate-earnings-callTypically earnings calls are announced and held just hours, or even minutes after releasing the quarterly earnings data. Why not include the conference call number, conference ID and schedule (for a few days in the future) in the email with the earnings data? This way investors have some time to ingest the data, and your call can be more about vision and overall direction, and move quickly to Q&A.

Speaking of Q&A: If you sign up for a Free Conferece Calling with Web Control account, you’ll get all the features of Free Conference Calling standard, plus online access to control your call, including the Q&A feature that gives you the ability to mute the group and take questions one by one. Callers with “raised hands” are identified easily, and your call can proceed in an organized manner.

Follow these steps and your quarterly earnings calls won’t be the droning rehash of numbers they are now, but instead a valuable, insightful and more engaging interaction with investors and your team.

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