Why Conference Calls are Perfect for Support Groups

support-group-call-smSupport groups can be tough to manage, difficult to sustain, and a particular challenge for solo group leaders. Selecting a venue and getting people to show up consistently, let alone engage, can be tough. Conference calls can be a great solution, by opening up your support group to more people, and lowering the bar for participation. Think about it:

  • Instead of selecting a venue, and hoping it’s convenient for enough people to make it worth their drive, a conference call removes the logistics completely. Participants only need a phone, and the will to dial it.
  • Conference calls require minimal effort and risk/vulnerability for the participants. They can call and just listen. They don’t have to show their faces. It’s a much lower level of initial commitment, making it easier for people to participate and understand the benefits of the group before fully engaging with the group.
  • It’s flexible. Since you don’t have to schedule a PLACE, call schedules can be tailored to the needs of the support group, and change whenever needed. The ease of calling in means that support group members can join in from wherever they are, even while traveling.
  • Grow your group, and make it more dynamic and engaging, by taking callers from a much wider geographical area than would ever be reasonable with a face-to-face support group.
  • Gain additional support group leadership from participants in other counties or states, to share the administrative load.
  • You can reach people with mobility issues, or other challenges that make it difficult to physically show up at a location. Those without access to transportation are valued as equal participants.

NCC Standard Free Conference Calls or Free Conference Calls with Web Control are commonly set up for many support groups, including those supporting:

  • Chronic pain
  • Social anxiety
  • Overeating and eating disorders
  • Anxiety and depression
  • And many more…